Your group will take the role of a team of consultants that has asked by the CEO of a mid-sized U.S. consumer products company to conduct a strategic assessment of a nation in which the company is considering building a production facility.  You are to assume that the firm will hire a local workforce of 100+ local employees and use parent-country nationals from the United States to run the operation.  Your objective is to provide information to help the firm ensure strategic success in the nation.  Your team should concentrate on the cultural, political, business and legal factors that will directly impact the entry of the company into this market. The information you present should be based on the models, theories, and knowledge we cover in the course, as well as supported by knowledge gained by your thorough out-of-class research.


Major topics to be addressed in the report include an assessment of the demographic, cultural, legal and business environments of the country.  Information on the demographic environment should include content on the population demographics, including gender, age, ethnicity, languages spoken and prominent religions.  The paper should address key characteristics of the labor force, including size, education and literacy levels, wage rates, and labor market efficiency (i.e., the efficiency and flexibility of the labor market).  This is my part. The cultural environment of the nation should be analyzed using the various cultural frameworks discussed in class.  Specific cultural elements to be addressed include social protocol, views of time, communication styles, work values, leadership styles, etc.  Be sure to discuss non-verbal aspects of communication and preferences for formality and directness in communication.  The legal/regulatory environment of the nation should be critiqued and employment and labor regulations addressed.  Include in the coverage of labor and employment law: a discussion of the protected classes recognized in the country; content on the nation’s policies on “at will” employment; specifics on if and when employment contracts are used; discussion of the nation’s policies on workforce reductions; details on legal constraints in wages and benefits; and information on the regulations for labor unions and collective bargaining.  For the business environment, discuss key business and HR challenges a U.S. firm entering the nation would face and how HR policies and practices should be adapted to the local business environment and culture.


  • The purposes of your report are to inform the reader about what it will be like to live and work in the country and to describe how the managers should prepare for operations in the nation. Your report will be evaluated on evidence of course content mastery, coverage of important issues, clarity and organization, and its practical value for HR managers operating in the country.


Follow this outline


  • Population Demographics
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Ethnicity
    • Languages spoken
    • Prominent religions
  • Labor Force
    • Size
    • Education and Literacy level
    • Wage Rate
    • Labor Market efficiency





Your sources of information must include at least three academic internet sources and at least five references from the major business publications listed below.

  1. Academic internet sources present accurate and objective information without a commercial objective. Websites created by research centers or academic departments at educational institutions using the .edu domain suffix can be considered credible academic sources.  Websites with the .gov domain suffix would constitute academic internet sources.  Websites with an .org domain suffix should be evaluated to determine if the organization may be inclined to present only one side of an issue.  While many .org websites are sponsored by non-profit organizations and their content can be viewed as credible and unbiased, there are examples of organizations that strongly advocate specific points of views over others (e.g., the National Rifle Association).  You should carefully consider the objectivity of any information presented on an .org website.  All of the .org websites listed under “Sources of Information” later in this syllabus would be considered academic websites.
  2. Acceptable business publications are Bloomberg Businessweek, The Economist, Forbes, Fortune, New York Times, Newsweek and Wall Street Journal. Take care to avoid online commentary or blog articles since they are not always subject to the same fact-finding standards as published articles, which are editorially reviewed for accuracy.
  1. Your paper should be based on all relevant information available one week before the assignment is due. This will require you to keep abreast of relevant business and political news.


ASU Library Subject Guide:

International Business Etiquette
The World Factbook (CIA)
Centre for Intercultural Learning
The Library of Congress

International Chamber of Commerce
International Labour Organization
International Monetary Fund
International Trade Association
Library of Congress Country Studies
Bureau of Labor Statistics
The World Trade Organization
World Bank
European Union Official Website
Social Security Administration
United Nations Statistics Division
World Economic Forum

(see Global Competitiveness Report)

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
The Society for Human Resource Management
World Federation of People Management Associations